How To Replace A Broken Window Crank

Casement windows use cranks that allow you to open or close the window. These cranks are strong hardware pieces, but they can wear out over time. If you have a broken crank handle on your casement window, you can replace it on your own, or you can hire someone to fix it for you.  Remove the Handle  First, you need to remove the handle. To do that, you are going to need to use a screwdriver to remove the small attachment screw that is located at the base of the handle. Read More 

Roller Shades: A Guide To Treating Your Windows Right

Window treatments can be a touchy subject. Many people have specific preferences for how they prefer their windows to be treated and simply aren't interested in alternatives. Unfortunately, the humble rolling shade is often ignored in this argument. Rolling shades are commonly seen as "simple" or "basic" options for window treatments, but nothing could be further from the truth. The rolling shade is in fact one of the most versatile, attractive, and easy-to-use window treatments available. Read More 

Are You Enclosing Your Outdoor Patio?

Have you decided that you would use your patio more if you enclosed it? Perhaps you live in an area of the United States where it gets super hot. Maybe you are plagued by mosquitoes, and it's just not fun to sit outside. In addition, you have probably considered that having an enclosed patio would be great during the winter months. Whatever your reason for enclosing your outdoor patio, do you already have a plan for the project? Read More 

Are You Remodeling Your Family Room?

Is your family room getting a totally new look? Maybe you are even wanting to eliminate the tiny windows that you don't think enhance the family room. The furniture in your family room might be hand-me-down furniture that you have used since you first got married. From selecting a large picture window to buying new furniture for your family room, here are some ideas that might help. A New Window - If you are wanting to add a picture window to your family room, that more than likely means that there will be a nice view. Read More 

Difference Between New Construction & Replacement Windows

New construction windows and replacement windows are not made the same way. They are designed to be installed using different processes, and should be used as intended. New Construction Windows New construction windows are windows that are made to be installed in new homes. They are designed to attach directly to the frame of your home. New construction windows are attached to your home with a nail fin frame, which is why they are called " Read More